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Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Technology Guide

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Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Technology Guide

What Is a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Why Would You Want It?

You may have heard the words “wireless bluetooth speakers” or spotted them being sold on the shelves at your local electronics store, but you may not be completely familiar with what's so great about them or how Bluetooth gadget technology actually works.

We created this guide to help people make more educated portable speaker purchasing decisions.

What is Bluetooth Technology?

The Bluetooth® technology was created in 1994 by Ericsson, a Swedish wireless phone company, and it is a global wireless standard that allows and enables a convenient secure connectivity for an ever expanding range of electronic devices and services. The technology exchanges data over relatively short distances via radio transmissions. It operates in a unlicensed (ISM) band between a range of 2.4 to 2.485 GHz, which also uses a spread spectrum, a signal frequency that hops at a nominal rate of 1600 hops per second. The Bluetooth technology consists of a tiny computer chip that uses the Bluetooth radio which is built into thousands of products ranging from cell phones, wearables, cars, medical devices and even wireless speakers. The reason why it is used so much is because it allows you to wirelessly share music, voice, data, images, videos and other information when two electronic devices are paired together.

Why Do I Want a Wireless Speaker?

Are you looking for a practical and easy way to listen to music away from your home stereo, computer, or car, and you would like to be able listen to it in a digitized manner? Do you want to stream or store songs on your phone or tablet? Then a Bluetooth wireless speaker device is the answer to your problem. It is a super portable speaker that can be linked wirelessly to any mobile or smartphone device.

The wireless Bluetooth Speaker market is saturated with almost every household name speaker brand such as Bose, JBL, Sonos and Sony all manufacturing some type of wireless speaker option. The styles, sizes and prices vary. Portable Bluetooth speakers are perfect for the beach, a bbq in the park or your backyard or pool which may be a little past the reach of your regular home stereo speakers. This replaces the need for a portable stereo or old school boombox. It's also worth noting that there are Bluetooth powered home audio speaker solutions that are meant to replace traditional home stereo systems. The focus of this guide is on the portable wireless speaker units that can be easily transported anywhere you want to have fun and enjoy listening to good music.

How Are Bluetooth Speakers Different From Other Speakers ?

Bluetooth speakers differ from Wi-Fi based home audio systems to whole house stereo system—in a couple of important ways. Bluetooth speakers are meant to be mobile and transportable audio solutions as , compared to home Wi-Fi systems that tend to be installed semi- permanently in fixed locations. Bluetooth speakers link directly to a smartphone or tablet source and do not require a Wi-Fi network to act as a bridge between the speaker and the device. The whole house Wi-Fi units can broadcast the same music stream to multiple speakers. Bluetooth speakers are usually limited to a range of around 30 feet. Lastly, the audio sound quality is far superior on Bluetooth systems than it is on Wi-Fi system, because of the nature of the transmission, even if it is not that apparent in some listening circumstances.

What Is The Right Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Option for You?

Most Bluetooth wireless speakers will pair with and play music from nearly any smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows phone) and any kind of tablet. Most of these speakers are designed with rechargeable lithium ion batteries that make them usable for virtually anywhere in the world. Here are few factors to consider when making a purchase decision :

  • Price range
  • Battery size
  • Speakerphone and auxiliary access
  • Durability

When it is time to do some shopping you do not need to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of speaker devices that are available for sale both online and in stores. If you are looking for an affordable quality wireless Bluetooth speaker that is under $50, that you don't need a duffle bag to carry it in and that will play the music the way the artist intended you to hear it . . . then we have the perfect option for you: Introducing the Trüsound Audio T2 Customizable Bluetooth Speaker Which Retails for Only $29.99.

TruSound Audio has developed wireless speakers that are transportable, Bluetooth enabled, and customizable with an aluminum casing interchangeable sleeve. You don’t need to spend 200 dollars or more to get a quality product that plays music with depth and clarity for up to 10 hours at a time.

When the speakers on your smartphone or tablet are not letting you fully enjoy your favorite tunes on a hot summer day, it’s time to ramp up your audio with Trüsound’s portable wireless bluetooth speakers. Trüsound Audio has developed speakers that are portable, bluetooth enabled, and customizable with an aluminum casing interchangeable sleeve.

TruSound’s portable speakers work with any bluetooth enabled device—from iOS & Android for your laptop or desktop and are easily rechargeable via a Micro-USB charging port.

With a wireless sound range of 33ft, you’ll be able to walk around your outdoor gathering, beach, or golf practice and still hear your music or podcast. Your friends can also connect their devices via Bluetooth to the Trusound portable speaker allowing them to listen to their personal favorites. Once the portable speaker is charged, it will have 10 hours of playtime enough for a day at the beach, an all night outdoor gathering or a golf session.

Personalize your listening experience with TruSound Wireless Bluetooth Speakers.

The interchangeable sleeves come in the following colors:

Our products are not overloaded with unnecessary features that don't enhance your listening experience. We take a simple approach to functionality and aesthetics for your music gear and focus on producing a clear and balanced sound with the artist's original reproduction in mind.

Myth: the smaller the speaker, the less powerful it will sound: Wireless range: 33 ft (10.06 m), with the frequency response at 80 Hz - 16 kHz ---You want a speaker that can produce as much of the full range of frequencies that human ears can hear In analog and digital communications, signal-to-noise ratio, often written S/N or SNR, is a measure of signal strength relative to background noise. The ratio is usually measured in decibels (dB): System SNR: > 60 dB @ 1 W Use it as a hands-free speakerphone or to simply listen to your favorite music.

Efficient Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers with Approximately 10 Hours of Battery Life

Non-slip rubber gasket at base makes it easy to set up in a number of different locations without fear of the speaker moving around ...various surfaces

Wireless range: 33 ft you can move around and still hear it from afar . . . you can even speak from afar with the omni-directional built-in microphone which allows anyone to join in your conversation that is close by, and they can even use their Bluetooth connection to connect to your wireless Bluetooth speaker. This gives everyone a fun and fair chance to play their favorite songs at your gathering.

Do you want it to blend in or stand out? Blend in with a black or steel color at the office and kick it up in style for the beach party so you don’t leave it behind. Color selection includes red, blue, gold, matte black, silver. (Get this to jive with next phrase . . . )

Gunmetal, Nickel, Blue, and Red.

You purchase a speaker with a singular purpose to listen to the music.

Our products are not overloaded with unnecessary features that don't enhance your listening experience. We take a simple approach to functionality and aesthetics for your music gear. We focus on producing a clear balanced sound with the artist's original reproduction in mind.

This is what listening to music is all about. We believe in a simple intuitive approach to product design and development. Our objective is to create an Amazing sound for your listening experience.

When we go to concerts it's not just to hear a band play live. It's to share the music and experience, to connect and have an Amazing moment in common.

It's all about a shared music experience: the T2 is easy to play and share with the people around us.

We take a simple approach to functionality and aesthetics. You will not find our products overloaded with unnecessary features or designed with a heavy hand. These things don’t enhance your listening experience in fact, they detract from it. We focus on producing clear, balanced sound that is consistent with the artist's original intent. We then package this sound in objects that are simple to use, physically engaging and designed to complement any environment.


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