Wireless Earbuds for the work out enthusiasts

Wireless Earbuds Built Perfect for Instagram Fitness Influencer Gym Workouts

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Wireless Earbuds Built Perfect for Instagram Fitness Influencer Gym Workouts

Maybe you enjoy running to the latest David Guetta album or lifting weights listening to Quavo, there is one thing that is universally true: having motivating, energizing music to listen to while you’re working out at the gym, skateboarding, cycling, hiking or hitting the concrete can make all the difference in how good your workout goes. Whether you’re a fitness Instagram influencer or just like to keep in shape because it feels good, we feel our wireless earbuds are going to make you look great, feel great, and stay active. Music helps to distract your mind from the dread of going on that 10-mile run, I know for me its a necessity to get in the flow.


What are the essentials that make a good workout?  

Finding time to work out, even if you’re not a fitness professional, is a win no matter what. Choosing the right gear will help motivate and take your workouts to the next level. If you follow any fitness Instagrammers for fitspiration, you will notice some basic requirements that most of the personal trainers and fitness coaches have in common; it all starts with having the proper gear. That is why finding the perfect pair of headphones is some of the most important workout gear you can invest in, besides a solid pair of sneakers or gym apparel. But if you are into tech and the latest gadgets, then just any old pair of headphones will simply not do. Personally, we don't understand the whole bulky Beats by Dre style over-ear headphone thing, you are not in the recording studio, you are about to get your cardio on to burn some calories. When it comes time getting in the zone for going for a run, hitting the gym, or a Peloton bike you also don’t want any cumbersome wires getting in the way.  

As you run through your neighborhood or do cardio on the treadmill at the gym, you may have on you a Fitbit or other device measuring your distance and heart rate. Even when you get a chance to put your phone on one of the cupholders on the treadmill, you’ll run into the issue of your headphones getting sweaty, having to deal with the wires moving around, making sure you’re not moving your arms as you run, or reach for your towel or water bottle. This is when it’s a great time to remember that after your workout you will definitely need to pick up some wireless earbuds. We’ve looked at some earbuds that claim to be wireless and they wrap around your head, or whether they are wireless they don’t do well with sweat dripping around your head. Well, we at Trüsound have developed the perfect Totally Trü wireless earbuds that are sweat proof, covered in a super soft pliable rubber, and offer 3 unique foam tips, which help to block ambient sounds and also protect you from blowing out your eardrums when listening to music at full volume. They are contoured to slip in perfectly into your ear, and form a noise canceling seal that will not only keep your favorite musical tunes in and outside sounds out, but are super comfortable to use whether you are working out or taking a business call.  

wireless earbuds for fitness influencer workouts

The Totally Trü wireless earbuds completely cordless construction and seamless ear fit will completely cancel out every other yoked gym rat grunting sound around you. And with the built-in lithium battery, it provides 3 hours of excellent audio performance playback. The rock-solid Bluetooth compatibility makes it so you can train for your next marathon without the annoyance or burden of lugging your iPhone on your body or cup holder. Another feature you will love is the carrying case that doubles as a charging station for them as well as your phone.

Other features include hands-free listening and voice calling. They are dual-purpose–designed to be the perfect fitness partner or work accessory since the call clarity is crystal clear on both ends of the conversation.  

Music helps YOU conquer anything  

The bottom line for any true athlete is it doesn’t matter if you are going snowboarding, skateboarding, bench pressing, hiking, biking, or jogging, the music playlist and the sound quality and convenience of the device delivering it to you, can either make or break the mood and concentration of the activity. Good music and sound get you hyped and in the zone. So level yourself up and try the new affordable and cutting-edge tech Totally Trü wireless earbuds. They make a fantastic birthday or Christmas present for your partner or yourself ;-). It’s amazing to think just how much music influences the intensity of your workouts! Can you remember a time that you went to the gym and forgot your earbuds or your smartphone battery died, you feel like just a regular human, but with your earbuds and your playlist, you can feel like you are in an action movie, who is the lead star that will save the world!  

Now, Apple may have been the first to introduce and bring to market wireless earphones, but with the price tag of only $79.99, the Totally Trü wireless earbuds are an affordable “truly wireless” alternative to the Apple Airpods. Don’t miss out, and tell your friends. Shop now.


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