Christmas Gifts Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Under $30

Christmas Gifts Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Under $30

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Christmas Gifts Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Under $30

 Trusound Audio’s T2 portable Bluetooth speakers are inexpensive, portable, and wireless. Connect via Bluetooth to your phone or laptop and listen to your beats with the best in bass speaker tech on the market.  

   Get the best Christmas gifts for anyone. Having earphones in all the time while playing music from your Android, iPhone or Tablet is not always comfortable or ideal. So what do you do? You either can invest in an old school boombox or some expensive stereo system or you can buy convenient portable speakers, that are wireless and Bluetooth enabled that will play music from any smartphone, computer device, or MP3 player.   

Take your music wherever you go

Listening to music while you’re studying or when hanging with new friends in college will be key to motivating or inspiring you through your educational journey. Playing music hands free with a wireless Bluetooth speaker, frees up your hands to accomplish other tasks such as studying, cleaning, folding laundry or talking to your mom while you’re doing all this.  Maybe you want to celebrate after a big test and have a small party in your dorm or at the beach. When you are getting ready for a big Saturday night out of partying, you are definitely going to want to have something to hear your music that is louder than your iPhone’s limited speaker capacity.

You may have Googled “Wireless Bluetooth Speakers” and noticed that there are many different speaker brands and products available for purchase.  How do you choose what is the best wireless speaker option in terms of performance, durability, style and price.  TruSound Audio is founded in Santa Cruz, California by a few industry veterans, who were challenged to design a speaker product that is elegant, high performance and simple to use.

Introducing the TRUSOUND T2 Customizable Bluetooth Speaker.        

The round barrel shaped T2 combines superior sound quality with a sleek minimalistic design that comes with hidden controls.  The features include:

  • Our T2 speaker plays your favorite tunes with clarity, fullness and depth   
  • Provides a seamless wireless connection to your smartphone, computer, tablet or any other Bluetooth device
  • Up to 10 hours of music listening from a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Our sleek accessory covers offer personalization and protection from wear and tear.    
  • Comes with a built in mic and speakerphone for uninterrupted phone calls    

Purchase the best-performing mobile Bluetooth wireless speaker for under $100 today!       

Trusound Audio's are the best Portable Bluetooth speakers under a $100.  Our T2 Customizable for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. Stream your music to wireless speakers and enjoy hours of battery-powered bluetooth audio entertainment  


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